With Pay Invoice you have a Brilliant Automation Partner.

We design tailormade solutions to make P2P processes simple yet comprehensive. Our AI based Invoice suite is transparent, error free, cost saving & hastens processes. It comes with an array of insights into Purchases, Spends, Compliance & much more, enabling smart, well-informed business decisions & and cohering a great vendor relationship.

Invoice Operation Solutions

Procure-To-Pay Solutions - No matter how small or big your organisation is.

Experience a whole new level of intuitiveness & accuracy, making the process of analyzing, managing spends & invoice payments seamless.

Supplier Connect

Build a network of suppliers that are compliant and performant. Reduce costs while building sustainable relationships with suppliers.

Invoice Processing Unit

Our AI-based IPU is designed to handle, manage, map, and maintain every data within invoices. Irrespective of the size of the inflow of invoices, make well-informed decisions with the insights.

Buyer Connect

Slash human intervention at every point in the process. From validating the invoices, implementing 2-way/3-way checks, assigning compliance ratings, and working on invoice parking/posting.

ERP Cockpit

Manage your transactions effectively, bring in flexibility, and get a better purchase requisitioning system without investing in the new ERP.

ITC Recovery

Whether your vendors have tax liabilities or you have any discrepancies to be resolved, receive alerts & be rest assured you are fully compliant.


Digitize infinite e-invoices, minimize errors, align to compliances, and achieve accuracy in invoice processing.

All-round Insights & Analytics

Derive strategic business values from data from multiple origins with our intelligence platform.
Spend Analytics

When raw and unstructured data is analysed it provides deep spending insights. Best decisions come with well informed information. Track and trim your spends.

Compliance Analytics

Legal challenges, recoveries or any compliance issues for that matter have a direct impact on the reputation of the organisation. Be up-to-date & avoid risks.

Logistics Analytics

Reduce maintenance and support costs by identifying the right resources. Obtain insights to expenses & operations around procurement.

Begin Your Journey

If you already have a system that looks fragmented, the only change you need is your P2P Solution. Not your existing automation or your cycle. OR If you are looking to shift to automating your processes, let our AI-based solution automate, validate, manage, handle & process your invoices daily.

Welcome the NEW transparent, error-free, swift, cost-saving, brilliant P2P solution.

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